Remember the break up of my eight year love affair that went down last week?  My new and improved lover and I have gotten to know each other quite intricately since then.  So well in fact, I've already nailed down it's short comings and demanded changes be made.  You know, like women tend to do.  I have realized that my new best friend only carries around enough cleaning agent to last a week.  One. Week.  At over five dolla's a piece, I have vowed to never buy a refill.  That would break the bank, and not to mention whatever they put in the manufacturer's magic potion makes my head hurt.  Not to fear, my lover and I are not parting ways.  Instead, I have opted to make my own cleaning solution.  Genius, I tell ya!  Too bad I didn't come up with that idea.  I saw it on another blog years ago, but it didn't really interest me then because I was hauled up with my nasty ex.  The solution is actually the exact same as the all purpose cleaner I have been using for years now, so I already had everything on hand to whip some up.

Never Buy Wet Jet Refills Again Recipe
-fill container 3/4's the way up with warm water
-add 4 Tbls. white vinegar, 3 Tbls. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap (amazing!), and 10 drops orange essential oil
-shake, return container to lover, mop to your heart's content

Cat walking right along... I was a little hesitant to volunteer at our local VBS this week.  I'm not sure why.  I just didn't want to.  Today is the final day of fun, and I can say I am totally glad Steven and I had the opportunity to help.  It has been a great experience, and we have both enjoyed getting to know the children in our neighborhood.  Lots of laughing, games, dancing and Jesus talk going on.  One of the ways God has used this week to revamp my heart is through seeing how much He works through Steven.  I believe the purpose of me volunteering this week was for God to bring me even closer to my husband.  The way Steven completely looses himself around children, and acts like a big kid is a quality I am envious of.  He made friends and built relationships with the children this week and made it look effortless.  He had fun while showing and talking about God's love.  My heart has been softened even more in my love for my man.

Lastly, I have revamped my outlook on social media, and got me a Twitter account.  I haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing yet, and haven't actually tweeted any life altering tweets, but I'll have it rollin' soon.  Don't get too excited, now. 

Follow me if you wish at .

I'm considering joining Pinterest too, but I'm terrified I might get stuck in the pinning black hole, and my children will go days without food or water.

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Samantha Harper said...

haha! Kinley and Steven are like the same people!! Pinterest is fantastic do it we can follow each other!!